SEO Price Malaysia Guide – How Much does SEO Cost in 2022

SEO Price Malaysia Guide – How Much does SEO Cost in 2022

SEO Price Malaysia Guide – How Much does SEO Cost in 2022

  • 9 Jul, 2022
SEO Price Malaysia Guide – How Much does SEO Cost in 2022
  • 9 Jul, 2022

When we talk about SEO services pricing, there is no standard price because each client has their own goals. Moreover, the SEO services prices vary from country to country. It is because these services are dependent on various factors. Don’t know what factors determine the SEO price? Read this guide till the end to find out about different factors that affect SEO pricing.

What Affects the SEO services Pricing in Malaysia?

Multiple factors determine the cost of SEO. These factors include:

Your Target Audience’s Language

Your target audience’s Language directly impacts the cost of SEO Malaysia. For instance, if your audience is English speaking, then your overall SEO Services cost escalate because there is a huge competition for the ranking race to achieve the top position. On the other hand, if your audience read the content in Malay, your SEO price will be much lower.

Your Target Geolocation

Another important factor that determines the cost of SEO is the location of your customers i.e., local or international. If you are targeting international customers then you will have to work harder to gain visibility which will ultimately increase the cost. However, if you are targeting a particular area of Malaysia, you just have to put some focus on optimising your strategy for those involved in that domain. So, the cost of SEO varies with your target geolocation.

The Amount of Competition for Top Rankings

Is your industry saturated with competitors? Remember that if there is intense competition in your industry, it means you will need a bigger SEO budget to appear in top Google searches and beat your competitors.

Your Current Websites Condition and Ranking Position

What is the current condition of your website, is it well known or not? If your website is popular among the audience, then you will have to spend less on SEO services.

Moreover, the number of backlinks to your website also determines your SEO price. It is because Google web crawlers track the backlinks of your website to find out the authority. So, if your website is well optimised and has high-quality backlinks from a reliable websites then you will have to spend less on SEO.

What Industry do you Fall Into?

The type of your industry will also determine your SEO cost. Wondering how? It is because not all businesses have the same SEO goals. Every business requires different marketing strategies to reach out to its target audience and gain a Google ranking. For instance, if your business is a local-based Malaysian industry, then you will be facing less competition as compared to a multinational company.

Type of SEO Services

The types of SEO such as e-commerce SEO or enterprise SEO, and even local and international SEO also impact the cost of services. For instance, if you are focusing on local SEO, you will require less effort and budget Because the focused keywords are much lesser.

On the hand, e-commerce SEO requires a greater budget because one needs to deal with a prolonged list of keywords that should be stuffed properly in the content for the search engine user.

Do you want to Hire a General Digital Marketing Agency or an Experienced Company?

Don’t know if you should hire a general Marketing agency or an experienced SEO agency Malaysia? Both agencies work to deliver the same results but they have different approaches.

A general digital marketing agency takes more time and effort to generate results compared to an experienced SEO company Malaysia. It is because they take care of the entire process from start to the end and they provide multiple SEO services.

Moreover, a general digital marketing agency lack experienced SEO staff and they often have to hire freelancers to provide different SEO services such as local SEO, speed optimisation, content writing, etc. On the contrary, an expert agency comprises of a strong team that will handle all your SEO needs but will charge you a hefty amount for their services.

The type of SEO Pricing Models

There are different types of SEO Pricing models, each one has its pros and cons. Below we will discuss every model in detail so you can make the best decision for your organisation.

Hourly Model (Per hour)

If you are looking for customised SEO Services, then this model is your go-to option. Many businesses choose this type of model to improve their marketing and advertising efforts. The only drawback of this model is that certain companies require a longer time than others to achieve the same commitment. The average hourly rate ranges between RM 300 to RM 600.

Monthly Retainer Model (Monthly)

It is an ideal option for the ones who are new to SEO and want to explore how it actually works. This method will let you decide if SEO is suitable for your business or not. There are many SEO services Malaysia that offer affordable monthly retainers that cost you less as compared to hourly billing models. The average monthly model ranges between RM 1500 to over RM 3000.

Fixed Project Price (One-time cost)

Fixed project price means that you have to pay an initial but one-time expense before commencing the project. This model gives you greater flexibility while staying within your budget allocated for marketing and even involves less risk.

Before you select this type of model, you must set up a form of stipulation and informs your agency whether you are willing to spend on this particular project. This will eliminate the chance of any confusion among you and your agency and they will make sure to work within your budget.

Profit-sharing Model (Percentage)

In this type of model, the companies only pay when seeing an increase in their sales and of course, conversions. This is the best option for those businesses who are short on their budget but still want to gain organic ranking results.

Many agencies are offering search affiliate marketing programs that improve your sales and consequently rankings, so you only pay for further services when you realise a substantial ROI

Risk-sharing Model (Combination of Above Models)

Basically, the risk-sharing model is a combination of ‘Profit-sharing and fixed project price model.’ Many agencies in Singapore use this model for pricing a business marketing campaign. It is because every client is different and is not willing to take the risk of spending on SEO.

This model is best for those who have already tried working with local SEO and were not able to get any constructive feedback even after long period, even for years. With this option, the companies can work with SEO agencies on a test run.

The Popular SEO pricing Model in Malaysia

The most popular pricing models in Malaysia are definitely Monthly retainer and fixed prices are certainly and that’s because most businesses are still figuring out whether they need or like marketing or not. The choice of pricing model depends entirely upon your budget i.e., How much would you wish to spend before getting into deciding if it is right for your business.

How much does SEO Cost in Malaysia?

As mentioned above, the cost of SEO Malaysia depends upon multiple factors such as Geolocation, target audience, skill level, etc., so it is hard to determine an exact cost.

On average, the SEO fee starts from RM 1000 per month if you hire a freelancer consulted. If you go for an experienced SEO Company Malaysia, it can cost at-least RM 2000 per month.

Note: The more services you will avail yourself of, the higher will be the cost.

How to Compare and Choose the Right SEO Packages?

Before choosing an Malaysia SEO package for your company, make sure to do your proper research so that you get what you’re paying for. There are certain factors that you should look into such as:

  • What services they are offering in every package?
  • Which industrial sector do they target?
  • For how long they have been providing the services?
  • What about their online reviews? This will tell you if they are reliable or not.
  • How many keywords did they target to gain rankings?
  • Do they offer guarantees?

Once you get the answer to all these questions, it will become easier for you to choose the best SEO services Malaysia.

Should you Get Cheap SEO Services?

Getting cheap SEO Services may sound good, but in real world, cons outweigh pros. How can you expect an agency to provide you quality services if they’re not charging you so much? Doesn’t make sense, right? If you engage with a cheap SEO agency, you will face the following issues:

  • They will not provide you with quality content
  • They will build poor backlinks
  • They might use unethical/ black hat seo tactics or spam other websites
  • They might not do the proper keyword research
  • They may overuse or underuse a keyword in the content
  • The fee structure will never be transparent

To avoid search inconveniences, you must always choose to work with a professional SEO company. Otherwise, these cheap services might harm your business’s image in front of the audience and loyal customers.

Key Takeaways

Now we know that SEO price depends upon so many elements. So, it is totally up to you whether you want to spend more or less on your marketing campaign.

Are looking for SEO services at affordable rates? A digital dot agency is your best choice. We have qualified professionals who will handle your SEO needs. Feel free to get in touch with us to find out more about our pricing and packages.

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